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The Distributed Analytics and Security Institute (DASI) has merged into The Center for Cyber Innovation (CCI). The CCI website is available at

Research Areas

The DASI team works with experts across a variety of disciplines to conduct relevant research to find transformative solutions to critical cyber security challenges through collaborations with government and industry.

Testbed Development
Big Data Fusion & Compression
Big Graph Visualization
Autonomic Control Frameworks
Cyber Phylogeny & Attribution
HPC for Power Systems
Cyber Analytics and Datasets
Graph Walk Optimization

Research Portfolio

Large Graph Analytics
3D Visualization for
Malware Analysis
Boltzmann Machines
Geo-Inspired Parallel
Simulation (GiPC)

Autonomic Control

Cyber Phylogeny &


Anomaly/Event Detection
in High-Velocity
Streaming Data

Graph Walk Optimization