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The Distributed Analytics and Security Institute (DASI) has merged into The Center for Cyber Innovation (CCI). The CCI website is available at

Security & Forensics Centers

Center for Computer Security Research (CCSR)
The Mississippi State University Center for Computer Security Research (CCSR) is dedicated to the scientific exploration of computer vulnerabilities with the objective of improving prevention and detection techniques through our core research areas. We promote computer security education and research.
National Forensics Training Center (NFTC)
The National Forensics Training Center at Mississippi State University is funded by the Department of Justice to train law enforcement officers to fight cyber crime. With the growing level of cyber crime today, it is critical that law enforcement officers have the ability to handle and examine digital evidence. The NFTC seeks to solve this issue by offering training in a broad range of cyber crime areas. The training that is offered by the NFTC is free of charge for all law enforcement personnel. All meals and lodging needs are provided for the students attending the training.
Critical Infrastructure Protection Center
The Mississippi State University Critical Infrastructure Protection Center (CIPC) performs research to identify cyber threats, risks, and vulnerabilities unique to critical infrastructure, develops security approaches to detect, defend against, and survive cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure, and trains engineers and scientists for careers in this fast moving area. The CIPC maintains a unique industrial control systems laboratory which is used to study cyber vulnerabilities, cyber-attack impacts, test new industrial equipment, and to validate novel security approaches.